Trivia Game #1

THANKS for participating Mike and Tom!!

Answers are in red, each movie has also been rated on a three star system (three stars is very good, you should rent it if you havn't seen it!!)

Contestants answers are below in blue. Scoring as follows:
2 points for correct answer.
3 points for a correct answer for a quote that we knew but could not identify the name of the movie(#18,#21,#26,#27)
1/2 point for attempting obscure questions(#8, #20, #22, #28, #32)

Mike is our official winner, Tom is the official runner up.


The following are quotes from movies. Some are famous, some are not. Some of them may only exist in the minds of the Ladybug crew. Anyhow, see how many you can get. Please be reminded that these quotes may be ambiguous, misleading, or even wrong! Anyone who is a stickler for the truth should get their own game.

The person who identifies the most quotes wins a fabuoulous prize...........a lobster dinner for two. You do not need to be present to win, but you should collect your prize in person as lobster doesn't do well in the mail.

To enter please send us an email showing "Ladybug Adventures Trivia #1" as the subject. . In the body of the email list as many answers as possible. New Deadline for entries is December 31st, 2000.


  1. "Show me the money." Jerry Mcguire **
  2. "We're the lucky ones." Swept by the Sea *
  3. "You daft prick." Knottingham Hill **
  4. "Niagra, Niagra" Niagra, Niagra ***
  5. "They're called boobs, Ed!" Erin Brokovich *
  6. "Teabag him Larry, teabag him." Pecker ***
  7. "What's in the bag?" Run Lola Run ***
  8. "So I was drinking... and when I woke up I was just happy to be alive." Life and times of that Joos guy
  9. I got 2 words for you... shut the f**k up." Midnight Run **
  10. "Bitch, go get me my turkey pot pie" Breakfast Club **
  11. "You're so cool." True Romance **
  12. "Chopper, sick balls.!" Stand by Me ***
  13. "You seem to be living two lives, Mr Anderson." Matrix **
  14. "I'm going to be the best blind lady." Wait Until Dark ***
  15. "Goodnight you princes of Maine, you kings of New England." Cider House Rules **
  16. "Open the pod bay doors, Hal." 2001 Space Odyssey **
  17. "Maybe this is as good as it gets." As Good as it Gets. **
  18. "Are you feeling lucky punk." Clint Eastwood ??
  19. "Why do I have to be Mr. Pink?" Resevoir Dogs ***
  20. "Was that lightening?" Y2K, Tale of 4 flats. ***, hard to find
  21. "I don't care whose fault, your fault, my fault, nobody's fault, I'm going to blow your head off." John Wayne ??
  22. "And the next thing you know you're working in a box plant." Simpsons episode
  23. "We're on a mission from God." Blues Brothers
  24. "Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" Animal House ***
  25. "O geez Marge" Fargo ***
  26. "Oh my god, it's huge!" ???
  27. "I thought you were dead." "Not hardly." John Wayne ??
  28. "And then she called me an asshole.... and she was probably right." Overheard at a Rose-Hulman Fraternity Party
  29. "That ain't a knife, this is a knife." Crockadile Dundee *
  30. "We're younger and faster." "I'm older and better insured!" Fried Green Tomatoes **
  31. "Every time you hear a bell, it means an angel got his wings." It's a Wonderful Life ***
  32. "I'm not a rocket scientist, I'm just a greased monkey." Marquip Field Service Guy in Western Corrugated, Wales
  33. "Is that hair gel? I could use some." Something about Mary *

Contestant #1: Mike Cohen, family & Friends...
1. Jerry McGuire +2

3. Kotting Hill +2
4. Erin Brockivich +2
8. Leaving Las Vegas +1/2
10. Breakfast Club +2
11. True Romance +2
12. Stand By Me +2
13. Matrix +2
15. Cider House Rules +2
16. Space Odyssey +2
17. As Good As it Gets +2
18. Dirty Harry +3
19. Resevoir Dogs +2
20. Powder +1/2
21. Pulp Fiction
22. Dead Again +1/2
23. The Blues Brother +2
24. Animal House +2
25. Fargo +2
26. For Keeps +3
27. Running Man
28. Say Anything +1/2
29. Crocodile Dundee +2
30. Fried Green Tomatoes +2
31. A Wonderful Life +2
32. I.Q. +1/2
33. Something About Mary +2

GRAND TOTAL.....42.5



Contestant #2: Tom, Teresa, and Brianna (Matti's brother & family)
1. Jerry Mcguire+2
5.Erin Brokovitch +2
7.The Last Boy Scout
11.Fright Night
12.Stand By Me +2
13.The Matrix +2
15.The Cider House Rules +2
16.2001: A Space Odyssey +2
17.As Good as it gets +2
18.Dirty Harry +3
20.Back to the Future
23.Blues Brothers +2
24.Animal House +2
26.For Keeps +3
29.Crocodile Dundee +2
30.Fried Green Tomatoes +2
31.It's a Wonderful Life +2
33. Something about Mary +2