Help Us Out!

Hello everyone out there in hyperspace! While in Galapagos we had many unanswered questions, maybe you can help us out. We might throw in a question or two that we know the answers to just to make sure you are not conning us.

  1. How old can the giant tortoises get?
  2. Does anyone know the age of the Galapagos Islands
  3. Who discovered it, and where there people living on it at the time?
  4. How do sea lions survive without drinking fresh water?
  5. How long can sea lions hold there breath?
  6. (bonus question)Why do sea lions like to swim sideways with a fin up in the air sort of looking like a shark?
  7. How old was Charles Darwin when he came to the Galapagos?
  8. When was he here?
  9. For how long?
  10. When did he write the Origin of Species?
  11. Should this fellow really have been found 500 miles offshore?
  12. What are the best baits/lures for dorado fishing?
  13. Why are blue footed boobies called that way?
  14. How many people can these two fish feed?
  15. If Darwin really believed in evolution, why would we evolve past a sea lion? You get to sleep all day, play for a while and go eating when you are hungry! About how many sailboats have cruised through the Galapagos so far this year (Mid April)?