"Lucky Girl" By Stacy Lynn

As I watch for falling stars
I might as well be on mars.
No TV, no phone, no internet.
Just my book and cup of tea
is the way of life at sea.

I see my parents.
I see my brother and his wife.
I see my best friend Kris.
We are all together for a few moments
if they could only see the same dreams as me.

Another new port!
So much to see and so much to do.
Should I start with a jog along the sea side
or coffee in the cafe?

Brings us to new places
and new faces.
We count the long miles
along with the big smiles.

We make old friends
faster than new friends
because we are always
saying good-bye faster than
we can say hello.

Big scenery!
Every sunset better than the last.
Great People!
Every harbour friendly than the last.

I am the luckiest girl.
I miss my family.
I miss my friends.
And I am still the luckiest girl!