Great Links

Here are websites from some interesting people we have met along the way...

Larry and Lynn on s/v Zephyr: (Jo and Dave met Lynn and Larry on their first trip to Tortola to look at Ladybug. The guys lost their tent and were invited to spend a wonderful evening aboard Zephyr.)

Pete and Sue on s/v La Boatique: (We met Pete and Sue in Trinidad. It is the used spinnaker we bought from them that has pulled us 3/4 of the way around the world and is still going strong. We left LaBoutique back in the Pacific.)

Rick and Mary on s/v Tranquillity: (Rick and Mary not only helped us as line handlers during our trip through the Panama canal, but they also made sure we did not circumnavigate without seeing "Captain Ron".

Pierre on s/v Babar: (Pierre is a most interesting person: repeating a voyage from 50 years ago in a traditional wood boat, cooking fantastic food and drinking excellent wine, making Laura eat cheese, telling great stories and sharing big dreams, and leading me into a life of crime as a mussel poacher.)

Torild and Nils Krogsrud on s/v Abeline: (A couple crazy Norwegians we met in South Africa.)

Pat and Colleen DeGroodt on s/v Simmer: (We also met a lot of American cruisers in South Africa. Pat and Coleen were waiting at the pier with a bottle of champagne after we rounded the cape and were back in the Atlantic. PS Pat is a mussel poacher too.)

Roy and Jackie from Shark Africa on s/v Infante: (Good friends who earn a living trying to feed tourist to the local Great White Sharks!)