Guests in Tonga

June 20th, 2001

To the Ladybug "possi"

It was great to meet you all and spend a couple of evenings out together. You have a great lifestyle, I'm very envious, but I'm sure you'll continue to make the most of it all. Good luck with it all and thanks for showing us around the bug.
Love, Annabelle (left)

To the "Ladybug" crew:
Wonderful to have met you and shared some good conversation. May the seas be friendly to you and may the wind fill your sails. Bon Voyage!
-Tasha (right)

I am Katie from s/v Optimum Trust. I live in Highland, Illinois. I am in 5th grade.

Thanks for the tour. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Peace.
-Amie and Martin Braik (Peace Corps Volunteers, Tonga)

June 24th, 2001

This is the first time in a boat like yours, and I would like to say thanks for inviting me and my friends to the boat. I would like to say it is beautiful inside the boat and everything is nice. I will never forget that you are nice friends to me and my friend. People say it is easy to say hello and hard to say good-bye. I would like to say "Malo e lelei".
Farewell from your friend Lola from Tonga and have a nice trip. (left)

To Dave, Stacy, Guy and Jo
May you continue to have the freedom to be yourselves and be some of the beautiful people in this world. It has been my pleasure to have met you all and wish you all pleasant sailing and a great life.
-Dave Ryland(center)

I think this is my second time in a boat like this and I say thanks. I say thanks to you guys for meeting me and my friend. The boat is beautiful. I will not forget you in my heart. You people are nice to me. I would like to say it is easy to say hello and hard to say good-bye. "Malo e lelei".
Farewell from Susana and have a good trip.(right)


"Malo e lelei " (Hello)
Oh, what a nice day we have spent together. Talking, sharing some funny stories and having lunch together in your boat. It is great and I really appreciate that. Thank you for your hospitality. "Malo 'Aupito". Guys, One thing I remind you; keep smiling for life is too short!
" 'Alu A / Nofo A"
From your friend Peni Fifita.

To Ladybug,
It's always wonderful to be thousands of miles away from home and then find people who bring you home again. "Malo aupito" for your hospitality and for being and island of refuge for PCVs across the globe. Happy travels and may peace always be with you on the oceans. " 'Ofa atu!"
-Beth Campbell (Peace Corps Tonga)


It was an enormous pleasure meeting you guys and a surprise to find a Brazilian in Tonga ("da mironga do cabulete"). Thanks for dinner, or rather lunch, so favorable. Wish you incredible moments and good winds. Until the next time.
-Ruth (s/v Sarava)

June 28th, 2001

After meeting you by chance at the Billfish last night and inviting ourselves on board, we've got to say that we are pretty glad we ran into you! Gorgeous food (tuna steaks in particular, cheers Jo), gorgeous boat, and even better company. What more could two girls want.......! Enjoy the rest of your time in Tonga and good luck on the rest of your adventure. All our love, Julia and Maya

July 4th, 2001