French Polynesia

May 11th, 2001

Edwin and John

These 2 guys were on their way to go fishing and came by the boat to say hello. We chatted with them for about an hour. They were waiting for the fish to go to 'sleep'. Their village is 5 bays south of here, called Vaitahu. They start around 8 pm and work their way to the village (5 bays down). This takes about 5-6 hours. They are netting parrot fish. One has a wet suit on to dive with the net, the paddles the pirogue (canoe).

May 11th, 2001

Ladybug, we will never forget this dinner. Titi was so excited to come and visit you. Nice to meet you and share movies with the Ladybug crew.
-Caroline, Thierry & Titouan Bernicot (Ahe, Tuamotu French Polynesia)



Great to meet people from the world. Had a great night. Hope yhou will have a good trip in Polynesia and for the rest of your travels.

A great thanks to the people of Ladybug for the great night onboard and best wishes for the rest of your trip.
-Laurent (free diver at Kamoka Pearl Farm in Ahe, Tuamotu)

Merci pour ce petit moment sous les etoiles et vous souhaite un bon voyage vers vos nouvelles aventures.
(Thank for this short time under the stars and I wish you a good trip towards new adventures.)