Guests in British Vigin Islands

June, 2002

What can I say after all the incredible help and energy and support you all gave us pulling together the wedding of the decade? Thanks to Dave and Jo for taking such good care of Howie and thanks to Stacy and Monique for making sure I showed up for the ceremony!! Everything went perfectly and everything was quite beautiful especially the fact that we got to share a fraction of your grand adventure. Thanks from the bottom of the deep blue seas.
Love always, Polly Tubbs

PS You all cleaned up quite nicely as mighty fine looking wedding attendees!


It seems so fitting that we should be married aboard Ladybug since Polly and I were introduced by the crew of Ladybug back when the trip was just being planned. Thanks for making our trip so memorable, fun and relaxing! I cannot imagine a less stressful way of getting married.
Dennis Tubbs

Best Wishes on your new adventures!!!!

We are always available to plan your wedding and to tie the knot.
-Hugh and Elaine

It was great being the photographer for such a special occasion.
-Miguel (right)