Galapagos to Marquesas

April 6th, 2001 (Tuna Barbeque)

Suzette(s/v Altair), Suza(s/v Voyager), Kathleen(s/v Silverfin), Judith(s/v Sunbow)

Dave, Stacy, Nat(s/v Beacon), Carl(s/v Silverfin), Ken(s/v Sunbow)

Jo, Paul(s/v Altair), Rick(s/v Voyager), David(s/v Beacon)

Guy and Alex (s/v Beacon)

Thank you so much for a marvelous evening. We appreciate your inviting your neighbors even though we hadn't met before - to share the yellow fin! Delicious! See you in the "M" .
-Kathleen & Carl s/v Silverfin (Anchorage,AK and Kenya, E. Africa)

Great to party w/ some fellow cheeseheads and Packerbackers. Looking forward to more tuna in the Marquesas - save a few for us.
-Suza(hometown Milwaukee) & Rick (2 kitties, Senna and Schumi)s/v Voyager (Cape Canaveral, FL)

Thanks for catching the tuna on your way over to Isabella. It was so yummy! Thanks for sharing and hosting a great party.
-Paul and Suzette s/v Altair (Seattle)

April 8th, 2001

Ode to Ladybug

Named after an insect known for it's luck
Is a boat with the name Ladybug
A curious name when you consider that
A boat such as this is not a bug but a cat

Insect or mammal - it need not really matter
For downwind she rivals most boats on the water
For something makes this boat differ from some
Unlike other bug cruisers she has 2 hulls not one

More important, however, then her sailing most able
Are those who live on board - the wonderful people
Four sailors who all shared an interest to roam
Decided to make the Ladybug their home

So friends Stacy, David and Jo
Moved onto Ladybug about one year ago
Jo and David had shared a common passion
They both wanted to complete a circumnavigation
Stacy loved David, and travel, besides
So why not on a boat - she was game for the ride

So they sailed and they sailed, and then one fine day
They made a friend Guy and asked him to stay
Guy thought "yes there's no better way to see the South Pacific"
So he said OK

Since then our four sailors have become great mates
Guy from England, the other three from the states
Together they sailed like a well oiled machine
With Spinnaker take downs like you've never seen!

You may think its difficult to improve such bliss
Until Ladybug started catching huge fish
Tuna was a favorite - of every variety
They prepared sushi, grilled or ceviche

And being as they were such a generous lot
The bug's crew shared their catch without a second thought
They invited their friends for a feast most hearty
These guys obviously knew how to throw a great party

Conversations ranged from politics to sex
You could never be sure what topic would come next

At present Ladybug is enjoying Galapagos
But soon they will leave for French Marquesas

And as much as one cannot predict fate
Rest assured times on Ladybug will be great

And all of her friends will look forward to see her
In the next promised land just south of the Equator


Looking forward to good times around the globe
-Natalie and John s/v Beacon and s/v Trojka Danmark