Guests in Brazil

April 2nd, 2002

Thanks for a good time and the South African wine. Hope to meet you again on Lake Michigan or on some other ocean. Boa Viagem!
- Dan Jelsema s/y Brigette (American/S. African)

April 8th, 2002

I thank you for your company and the opportunity to take a small vacation with a very good quality. I wish you good winds to take you back home.

- Edmundo Pinto



Nice to meet you.

-Theo s/v Islander (Swiss)

Dear Friends,
I was very happy to meet you and hope one day we will see you again in any spot of the world. Good luck with your projects.
- Gloria & Pascual (Argentina)

I hope to meet you again.
-Mercedes (Brazil)

s/v Pourquoipas

-Carlos Andre "Morcego <bat>" sv Pura Adrenalina <pure adrenaline> (Cabedelo)

-Nathalie and Erick sv Arc en Ciel (Reunion Island)