BVI to Trinidad

October 8th, 2000

Thank you for having us on your very exquisite boat. I assure you we had a wonderful time. We will all miss you guys, even if it's just for two years. We'll be waiting for a load of fun when you get back. We'll keep you in mind and in prayer for safe keeping. Please always stay in touch (smile). God Bless!
Jumoke, Tayna and Jayleen

September 16th, 2000

What an amazing day! This is sweet T&T, and sailing with you made it even better! Thanks!
-Ryan D'Arcy (right)

For me this was a fantastic trip, especially meeting you guys. I hope to see you some day again. You are very kind and considerate people. Thanks again.
-Antonio Reyes (left)

Thanks for having the girls and myself aboard. It's nice to get to know new people from all over and we think you all are "fine folks"!
-Nicole(top-left), Nikita(top-right), and Kristen(bottom)


September 11th, 2000

Thank you to the Ladybug crew for making our trip to paradise a reality. It would be so easy to get used to living here and enjoying this forever. So many things were so wonderful. I anticipated the beauty of Tobago, but big surprise: - The things I will most remember are the friendly people and the sounds, especially at night - the waves on the beach, the soft breeze and gentle rain showers. Thanks for all of this.

Thanks for the very unique experience. The day of sailing was great. There were so many new experiences. The drum band, pan band and some very different food - all of which was great. Meeting many of your friends who all were so friendly and could mot do enough for us, gave both of us a refreshing new outlook. People with vast differences still get along. Each respecting the other's culture and learning from them. You all were perfect hosts and hostess. Everything was very much appreciated. Love ya.
-Ma Hess


September 10th, 2000

Manche Leute werden niemals verrueckt. Welch ein wirklich schreckliches Leben mussen sie leben.

Some people never get crazy. What a really terrible life they live.

Charles Bukowsky


-Antje Tretow & Michael Preikschas


September 8th, 2000

What a lovely trip it was! Thank you all.
-Eleonore Neuhaus


September 6th, 2000

Great to meet Buzz and wish him Happy Birthday. We really enjoyed Billy Bass. Too bad he didn't sing Happy Birthday!
-Jerry & Carolyn Hoyt s/v Nova


August 11th, 2000

A party for Laurie and Linda. We drank wine, ate burritos and had a wonderful time!

Valentin, Michel, Jamie, Wendy, Davika and Lotfi.

Sally and Allen on s/v Saliander.


August 10th, 2000

Today is my last full day on Ladybug. I've stayed here for 2 weeks and I've had the best vacation ever. Dave, Stacy, Jo and Laurie went out of their way to show me a good time. They cooked delicious meals, some I'd never heard of before. Because of them I was able to attend a native wedding, several parties and Sunday School in Tobago. I also met a lot of wonderful people on Tobago and Trinidad that went out of their way to make me "Happy". I had the opportunity to go out on a fishing boat and see how hard the fisherman really work, it was great. I've taken a lot of pictures, but my memories are even better. Thank you all for allowing me to stay with you on "Ladybug" and I will always treasure the time I spent with you.

Thank you - Love Linda "Mum"

August 4th, 2000

A big thank you to all of the Ladybug crew for showing me paradise and so much hospitality - Beautiful Scenery, Sailing, Snorkeling and so much more. Tobago is so quiet and peaceful - somewhere you can truly relax. I would like to thank all of the fine people from Tobago for making this trip extra special. It was so worth the long trip on cargo planes, and losing my luggage. All that was needed was shorts and the right attitude I guess. May the wind and current always be at your back and may we meet again soon somewhere on this incredible voyage. Until then, Vaya con dios.

Eric "Pilot boy" Slayback

August 3rd, 2000

Joe, Jose and Leslie along with Frank, Melissa, Eric and Linda joined us for a day of sailing along the coast of Tobago.


Waka Waka AKA "Bulldog" came aboard later to help make dumplings and coconut fish stew.

August 2nd, 2000

Royston Antoine and Pahald (Perry) Tankoo brought us curry fish and had a few beers with us.

August 1st, 2000

I am having fun on this boat. Riding the dinghy, snorkeling, checking out the binoculars, drinking, eating, playing cards, fishing, looking at the computer!
I caught a cavali (small fish) and it got away.

-Keston Alfred


July 31st, 2000

The day after Melissa and Frank's wedding we invited a few people for dinner and it turned into another party!

Happy, Frank and Melissa, Andrea, Ali and Joe.

John, Allison, Laurie, Linda and Nigel.

July 23rd, 2000

My name is Alix Williams from Tobago. It was nice to be on Ladybug. I love to give lots of jokes and also love to fish. Some time my friends call me Short Boy.

My name is Brian Harris. They call me Murdock. I am a fisherman also. I love fishing You can see I don't like to drink or eat. First time in my life I have been in a floating guest house. I love being around the members of the floating guest house, they make me laugh and get drunk.


July 23rd, 2000

See you next weekend!

July 14th, 2000

I Love you all!
-Ricardo Eccles (Sharon Eccles and Ryan Eccles)

So there I was - 8 hour plane ride from home, on the only English speaking island which I could not understand the language - and the e-mail came in. Ladybug here, we're in Trinidad, you too? Yes, let's meet. So with driver Ricardo in tow, off on the dinghy we head into the ocean abyss. Ladybug, Madison, WI is the destination, and a welcome one at that.
Drinking, pizza, hospitality... I thank all of you for making me feel so comfortable, although 6000 miles from home. I am truly jealous of your forethought, ambitions, and goals. I will never forget the single experience of that one night on Ladybug in Trinidad. Thank you all for your welcome spirit.
-Paul Heidenreich

July 5th, 2000

Had a great time. Good to see you again. Enjoy the sailing and hope to see you in the near future. Thanks for a great evening.
-Kerry & Dave s/v Tequila (South Africa)

Thanks guys, great to be on the water again. Head west soon as you can! Get outta here!


June 30th, 2000

Chaguaramas. Great to see you guys again - We'll look forward to seeing you again somewhere west of here.
-Lynn & Larry Lewis s/v Zephyr


June 10th, 2000

Thanks for the sailing trip. It was a nice taste of living on the water. Enjoyed the Humus and carrot dip! Enjoy your adventures to come for the next several years. If you pass through Ohio please stop by.
-Patrice Scherer

So far, a lovely time. Anytime beer, food and music get combined, it turns out nice! Thanks so much and I hope your sea saga continues nicely...
-Matty J.

Yo...great company, view, food ( humus!). Love that Beck's Beer. Cheers and happy sailing.

Thanks for your hospitality and generosity. A great way to spend the day three weeks before finishing Peace Corps! Enjoy the rest of your adventures sailing.

You are living our my dream! Thank you generously for taking on 7 Peace Cops folks for a beautiful sail! All de Best ( as Grenadians say)
-Dara Dubosky
*contact me if you ever need more crew or anyone who needs some.

Thanks so much for everything - wonderful food, company, and boat ride It was a great time and so generous.

Hope this trip provides you with wonderful memories! Many thanks for a great day. I'll check in on the site to see your progress! I may be here for a while (past my PC experience) so if you find yourself back in Grenada be sure to send me an e-mail.

June 9th, 2000

Thanks for sharing all your tales with us, have a fantastic time on your new boat!
-Bean Wollen

Such a great adventure ahead of you - have a ball. It was great to meet up with others that don't conform to the usual image we are suffering from here in the Caribbean.
Enjoy Venezuela, Pacific & New Zealand (If you get there, check out Paradise Bay - Bay of Islands, we loved it)
-Richard Wakeford, Yacht "The Alderman"

Very jealous of your future. All the best wishes and fair winds.
-David Wakeford

May 10th, 2000

I've already been here since Monday and every where I look it is beautiful. The first night Jo and Laurie picked me up at the airport in St. Maarten and took a cab to the French side of the island, Marigot... and straight to the bar, Speed 2. Carib is the beer of choice even cheaper than H2O. Dave and Stacy met up w/ us shortly after the 1st beer. Ladybug is bigger than I expected. I brought about 100 pounds of loot that was quickly sorted on the table. Marigot is filled with shops and open markets. Lots of color. Sounds like we will hit two plus more of the islands before I need to rejoin society. Everyday is like Saturday. We have spent a lot of time shopping for Ladybug. Oh, did I forget snorkeling? The water is so clear. Lot's of fish. So from Marigot, the French side St Martin, we sailed to the Dutch side of Philipsburg. Although the island is small, there are huge differences between the two. First was that the ATM gave only $100 and $50 dollar bills. What does one do with a $100 dollar bill? I still think that it is a scam tghat makes people buy more than they planned. ie. I doubt they will break the $100 if I buy only one shirt, but if I throw in a pair of trousers, bottle of rhum and these post cards, they will have to break it. Philipsburg was pleasent. Laurie and I cleaned up at the nickel slots at the cashino. My favorite place was the Almond Tree's best BBQ and the owner was generous. I officially had my first ocean passage when we sailed to Guadelupe. This is one beautiful island. We anchored next to a sleepy town, Deshires. The bus rides were amazing, music was cranked and everywhere one looked, the island was full of color. My favorite sight was that of a cow tied to a stake in the middle of a large city block. I guess the cow was there to keep the grass low. If so, what a great idea. Here we also visited waterfalls and rainforest. We left Deshires and sailed south to Martinique, another French island. On the way we passed Basse Terre, capitol of Guadelupe. I am happy that we decided not to anchor there because our experience would not have been as great. 30 hours later, we arrived in Martinique, Port du France. Could this island beat the lush rainforest and 300 foot waterfalls of the previous island? I would have to say it came close. On the way in to anchorage, we (my first) had a dolphin show. Magnificent! We checked in at Port du France then headed to a small beach, Grand Anse de Aret. It was here we celebrated the end of slavery day with the locals. We were at a tiki bar listening to a great band drinking beers. Two hours later the band ended, but the music just started. Next to a roaring boomfire, 15 drums set up and played late into the night. I was most impressed by the fact they were not just playing solo in a group. You could see there was a conductor leading the drummers and singing traditionsl songs. Even Dave played for awhile. All and all, the best Holiday! Thanks to everybody who got me to this day to share it with Ladybug. Thanks.
-Matti Salomaki