Guests in Australia

August 10th, 2001

The boat looks heaps bigger out of the water. A wonderful night spent by the b-bq eating sausages and drinking red wine. Pepe where are my 100 kisses? Great meeting you guys, thanks Pepe. -Sue

September 9th, 2001

Thanks for a great day. I enjoyed it. I loved the kayak and the snorkeling. Thanks for the day.
-Karl Engler... a happy person at the end of the day!!

Making people envious is an honorable calling! Lot of respect for keeping up with the big plan! Thanks for a great day! It's a small world, wo we'll probably bump into one another sooner or later. Keep in touch!!

September 12th, 2001

Happy sailing and safe arrival. Nice to meet you.
-Jenny, Chris and Clare Smith

September 15th, 2001

(English and German versions of Maiko's '"novelette" will be published in the next update)