We met Kevin the owner, proprietor, and chef at Tops through The Boatyard at Prickly Bay in Grenada. I was hungry and Kevin just happened to be cooking that night. I ordered the cream of callaloo soup and was more than pleasantly surprised at just how good it was. You see callaloo is a vegetable similar to spinach and so I was a little leery that I might not like it. I was in the mood for soup that night though and had Jo with me so I figured one way or another it would get eaten. About halfway through my meal the bartender on duty said if I liked the cream of callaloo I had to try it with crab. This is how I got to talking to Kevin. I told him that I really had enjoyed the soup he had made and also that I was now looking forward to trying crab callaloo. Kevin then invited the four of us to his place for dinner, the menu as far as Kevin was concerned was quite simple, whatever we wanted.

Dave, Stacy, Jo and I worked out with Kevin that we would indeed have the crab callaloo and oil-down a food very common with the Grenadians yet hard to come by in restaurants. The food was positively delicious, and fun! I suppose I should explain the fun part. In order to get the meat out of the crab legs we had to beat on them with the backs of our spoons, an artform Kevin had down and was more than willing to demonstrate for us. We all ended up with our hands covered in callaloo soup and loving it. Kevin was a more than gracious host. He told us about his business, described to us the foods and spices that were in our meals, showed us pictures of his adorable daughter, and basically made us feel as at home as he possibly could.

We were in fact so impressed with both Kevin's cooking and hospitality that we decided to help him out by designing business cards and pamphlets for him. We also decided to add another section to our website called good places. Check it out.